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enterprise mission: powerful country by science and technology, service country by industry.

enterprise vision: to become the creator of new material、pioneer of new idea、leader of new  technology in china’s cable industry.

enterprise target:to become national innovative enterprise with leading role;

enterprise tenet:to create maximum value for customers、employees and society.

enterprise spirit: people-oriented, integrity and pragmatic, share development

core values: high quality products, high standards of service, high-quality team

business philosophy: technology as foundation, innovation as the soul, the market as the root

management concept: strict requirements, scientific management, standardized operation, more humanization;

innovative concept: to take the market as the guidance, take the customer as the criterion, function demand

quality concept: advanced, safety, reliability, satisfactory;

team concept: a well-trained team, a good team with the spirit of cooperation, an innovative and enterprising team, a team serve you with good faith and pragmatic creed.